Our Team

Reverand Kim Magwire

Pastor Kim is a progressive pastor and brings a voice to our covenants.  She recognizes the passion and spirit in each of us and supports us to live them out loud. She is currently with us part time.

Bryan Kelso Crow


Bryan shares his love for music in many forms, with a leaning towards Irish music.  He is the host of NPR's Celtic Connections and is a Professor at SIU-C.  Bryan has been our pianist for many years.  

Marisa Winegar

Music Director

Marisa brings her love for music and the belief that we all are capable of making joyful music.  She has nurtured our choir no matter the number.  She teaches Music at John A. Logan & Rend Lake College. 

Nathan Marks 

Hospitality Coordinator

Nathan Marks ensures  your welcome  is extravagant.  He and his partner, Dustin, organize the Sunday Morning Brunch,  Monthly Potlucks, church activities, and so much more.  

Tramell Malone

​​​​​​​Office Staff

Tramell is our part-time staff working on our "News You Can Use" published weekly and our monthly Newsletter.  In addition he helps Pastor Kim on various projects.  

Colleen Flanagan

Website Coordinator

Colleen is currently developing our new website.  She is retired from a career in social services.  Colleen is always on the hunt for experiences and mentors to enhance spiritual growth.