We believe ministry can happen in huge ways, but most often it occurs in small silent ways 

We believe we are called to grow in the recognition that we are a global community and what we do and believe matters

We believe in our capacity to live in Peace. We believe the earth has been given to us to care for and to thrive on its abundance .

Just Peace Ministry

We have a long history of activism for social justice for all.   We are committed to learn and live out loud a Just Peace life. We look to notable Progressive Christians such as Martin Luther King for guidance.


Whole Earth Ministry

Whole earth ministry encourages growth in embracing the earth upon which we live. To see that the environment and the species that sustain it need our protection.


LBGT Ministry

Open and Affirming is woven into the life of Good Shepherd.   We continue to grow and work for the right to love who we love and be who we truly are. Church of the Good Shepherd became ONA in 1989